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LionNet is proud to provide this resource to help Lions Clubs around the world build a useful, professional looking website. Designed with fill-in-the blank fields for even the least internet savvy, the e-Clubhouse allows you to:

  • Build and maintain a website for your club using a simple set of tools.
  • Keep your members – and community – up-to-date about the projects the club is working on.
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Each e-Clubhouse features:

  • Club Home Page: Feature a photo of your club members participating in a project or club activity and provide a brief history of your club.
  • 草莓ss加速器: Use the calendar to keep everyone informed of important dates.
  • Club Projects: Provide information on your projects and let your community know how they can support your projects.
  • Photo Gallery: Showcase your club's activities by posting photos of recent projects.
  • Contact Page: Post key contact information for people in your community to call so they can learn more about your club and get involved.
  • Up to five additional pages for your club's special functions or news.


The member-only section provides a way for your members to communicate important club news, encourage attendance to meetings and recognize member dedication. 

  • Member Directory
  • Message Boards
  • E-vites
  • Polls
  • Member and Group Recognition page
  • Newsletter template
  • Group email


Submit an application to create a Website for your Lions club today.


Watertown Lions Club, Connecticut

St John Lions Club, Indiana

Harrison Lions Club, New Jersey

Virginia Beach Kempsville Lions Club, Virginia Beach, Virginia
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